Intense Blend – 1 litre

NZD $44.00

This year’s  Intense blend is our usual combination of Mananillo and Koroneiki, but with only 28% Koroneiki this year.  A gutsy oil that beautifully complements food with robust flavours.

A lovely, unusual and complex oil.  Recommended food pairings are salads, steamed vegetables, avocado & guacamole, poultry, green vegetable soups, tomato bruschetta, pizzas, hummus, moussaka.. (Pablo Voitzuk – International olive oil judge )

Previously won:

  • Best in Class at New Zealand Olive Oil Awards (2020)
  • Reserve Best in Show at the New Zealand Olive Oil Awards (2021)
  • Gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Awards (2022)

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