Blue Earth Olive Oil

We specialise in extra virgin olive oil blends that help make good food great.

Blue Earth is an affectionate nod to Mike’s home town in Minnesota. The soil there is so rich and dark that it looks blue when it is turned by a plow. Our soil is the opposite. Stony, dry, healthy, but not fertile. Perfect for producing premium olive oils that have won national and international recognition.

Whether you are choosing olive oil for its health benefits, its taste or as an essential ingredient, Blue Earth Olive oil can be used for cooking and for finishing. We use it for everything. Swirling on soup. Roasting vegetables. Making sauces. Dressing salads. Drizzling over barbequed or roasted meat. We even make our muesli with it.

Won a gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil awards by the Judging Panel of the NYIOOC | World Olive Oil Competition 2022.Blue Earth Intense Blend Olive Oil won a gold award in the New York International Olive Oil 2022 competition.

All our olive oils exceed the international and New Zealand requirements to be certified as extra virgin olive oils. The certification results of the 2021 oils can be seen here.